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Welcome to Cape Cod Waterways!

Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental offers four different boat models from which to choose. The pedal boats are the most stable and easy to use. These boats can accommodate two adults and two toddlers, or three full sized adults and are operated by using a bicycle style pedal.

The kayaks are also very user friendly and are available in single and two person. We also offer a “family kayak” that can fit two adults and two toddlers!

Stand-up Paddle Board is our newest addition  in our rental products and it is becoming one of our most popular. It can give you a total body work out without having to really put so much hard work on paddling because of our location, the Swan Pond River has no waves and big boats traffic to worry while you are out.

The canoes can accommodate the largest group of combined persons with the smaller size able to accommodate 3 full-sized adults and a larger model that can hold up to 4 adults.

A small bass boat from the site patrols the river to look out for everyone’s safety. As an additional bonus, occasionally, the staff will take pictures from the boat on their digital camera to capture the fun while on the boats. Otherwise, a photographer, which will be one of our crew will capture photos on our boat facility or yard just before you launch on your boat trip upon request. These photos will be downloaded on our website or facebook page on a daily basis for you to view and download if you wish.

Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental is open 7 days a week from 8:00AM to 7:30pm during the summer and from 10:00AM to 6:00PM during the off-season. (Weather permitting so we advice to call the boat office ahead of time) The boats are also available for off-site rentals.

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K. Hudson, July 17, 2013

We had been coming to this place since my kids were toddlers and we always loved it every summer! They are now on their twenties but they still like to visit, for them, cape cod waterways is one of their best childhood memories! Thank you for being a part of making good memories to the kids on the cape!